Aquilasax Presence C-Melody Sound Check

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I tested both the new Aquilasax and the 1919 Buescher with the following mouthpieces:

  • Drake Contemporary 8 (.110", tenor)
  • Otto Link Super Tone Master 8* (nominally .115", probably .110", tenor)
  • Conn Steelay (alto, approximately a 5*)
I compared the 1919 Buescher on the two tenor pieces only, as the Steelay does not fit on my neck cork. I play Fibracell Premium 2.5 on tenor pieces and Fibracell Premium 4 on alto pieces.

To keep things simple, I only used two tunes, 'Round Midnight and I'll Remember April.

2009 Aquilasax

Drake April | Midnight
Link April | Midnight
Steelay April | Midnight

1919 Buescher

Drake April | Midnight
Link April | Midnight