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Music by Malaclypse the Younger

eBow LeChan (album) - Streaming Audio (Bandcamp)
  1. Theme (String Quartet)
  2. Souhait Fight Song (Brass Quintet with Percussion)
  3. Infectible Touch (String Trio)
  4. Flight Into Darkness (Rock)
  5. Reap the Fear (Brass Quintet with Drums)
  6. March to the Scaffold (from Symphonie Fantastique) (5 saxes, 5 brass, 3 percussion)
  7. Komm, ser Tod, komm selge Ruh (Brass Quintet)
  8. TNA (Marburg Theme) (Rock)
  9. Rabiac (String Quartet)
  10. Oh Where Can You Be? (Supersax Style)
  11. Royal Fanfare (Autism-Sama Theme) (Brass Fanfare)
  12. Get Much Higher (Molly's Theme) (Violin & Guitar)
  13. Chicken Goon Ya (Down On My Knees) (String Quartet)
  14. WHO, Is She? (Brass Quintet with Drums)
  15. Bydlo (from Pictures At An Exhibition) (Brass Sextet)
  16. Swan of Tuonela (excerpt) (Orchestra)
  17. Dies Irae (from Symphonie Fantastique) (5 saxes, 5 brass, 3 percussion)
  18. Secret Agent CHAN (Sax/Rock)
  19. Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks (from Pictures At An Exhibition) (Sax trio)
  20. Prelude #7 in Eb (from WTC 1) (String Quartet)
  21. Shall I List (Everything I Hate About You) [Sars's Theme] (Metal)
  22. Down With Pestilence (Metal)
  23. Sunglasses (String Quartet)
  24. EboLove (What The World Needs Now) (String Quartet)
  25. Urlicht (from Symphony No. 2 "Resurrection") (Orchestra)
  26. Moon Over My Ebby (Gypsy Jazz)